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Ruth Stanley, Certified Massage Therapist



    I grew up in the frozen lands of North Pole, Alaska.  I sought adventure and moved to the much warmer, Anchorage Alaska, where I managed a retail store and went to school to become an Aircraft Dispatcher. I left Alaska following my aviation dreams to Phoenix, Arizona, only to have them dashed (no pun intended) by the recession in 07/08. I settled in Grand Junction with my family in 2009. It is here that I found my passion for healing and caring for others. After studying massage at the Delta-Montrose Technical College, I passed national boards and registered with the state of Colorado. I now practice massage therapy right here in the beautiful Grand Valley.

    My goal for massage therapy is to provide the best care possible to all my clients. Many people in today's busy world suffer from overwork, lack of sleep, depression, anxiety, pain, and stress. I want my clients to know that they are not helpless to the everyday "grind", and that small changes in their routines can have a dramatic effect on their health and well-being. I work hard to make sure clients have a goal for each massage, and I serve, to meet that goal. 





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